Here at at StrutsDepot, a London based family business, we’re proud to have quickly become one of the most recognisable retailers of struts in various industries, from automotive, to furniture and marine.

Besides being recognisable, we are also a market leader in the supply of wall bed mechanism and storage mechanisms.

The StrutsDepot brand and the quality of our products is not only recognised here in the UK, but throughout the world. We ship products all over the world daily, including but not limited to Japan, Mexico, Australia, the USA and many more.

Being an independently owned family business, we take what we do very seriously.

Each and every one of our products go through a stringent quality control process and are sourced solely from Europe and never from the Far East.

Research and development is key to us here at StrutsDepot, we’re continuously looking for new and innovative ways to improve and develop new lines. R&D and quality go hand-in-hand which is why our brand is favoured by thousands throughout the world.

What makes us different;

  • Quick turnaround times – we dispatch all orders within 24 hours
  • Quality – each and every product is quality and performance tested upon arriving to our warehouse
  • UK Based – all of our sales and support staff are UK based
  • Stock – we keep all of our inventory in-stock in our London warehouse.

Need any additional information, please get in touch with us, call +44 (0) 208 852 1225, email info@strutsdepot.com or click here.