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Pedestrian Gate Closers




Pedestrian Gate Closers are the ideal solution for closing your pedestrian or side gates.

Simple and effective mounting which screw directly onto the gate and framing to allow for ease of use.

Pedestrian Gate Closers come with the ability for strength adjustment, which allow for adaptability regardless of the assistance you are after. This is achieved through force adjustment, bracket mounting and integrated dampening.  These features give the user maximum amount of control in terms of adjusting the struts to suit their needs.

Durability is assured with the added feature of tube protection to ensure the gas strut is protected through all-weather conditions and any foreign material that may prevent the struts from working effectively.

Our Pedestrian Gate Closers come in two different variations:

Type 1 – suitable for gates weighing up to 62.5kg and with the dimensions of 750mm1200mm.

Type 2 – suitable for gates weighing up to 125kg and with the dimensions of 750mm2000mm.

These rough guidelines, as there are multiple variables that need to be considered when determining the required variation. The level of friction in the hinges may have an affect on the gate closer you need, as the required force to operate the gate will vary.

We provide a simple to follow step by step guide to provide guidance on where to mount the brackets and how to adjust them to suit your specific gate.

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